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Mystery, Alaska

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mystery, Alaska on tonight’s plane ride west. Not only was it hockey-focused and appropriately funny but it had a viable enough plot to prevent me from checking the time remaining counter (unlike some of the other Netflix-supplied DVDs I’ve watched lately, including Babel and Children of Men). It’s a hockey movie […]

Seeing the world in black & white (cookies)

Long before Jerry Seinfeld made the black & white cookie central to a plot, I’ve been a mass consumer of these uniquely New York desserts. The perfect black and white cookie is about the diameter of your open hand, has a sponge cake like base that is soft (never crunchy, unless the cookie has been […]

WTF? LFG(oals)

World of Warcraft for the uninitiated. An online, multiplayer game in which some people actually play. As opposed to my general reaction to tonight’s blowout on I-95, which can be summed up as: Huh? The Devils offense disappeared tonight, possibly suffocated by Martin Biron but more likely just not executing as crisply as it did […]