7 responses to “25th Sun Microsystems Hiring Anniversary”

  1. Jim Mauro

    Wonderful Hal. Beautifully written, says so much in relatively few words.

    I miss those days. I miss the 90’s (except the music).

  2. Greg Richter

    Nice piece Hal.

    I too miss Sun but the people of Sun are still a part of both my professional and personal life.

    The fantastic experience is something I will never forget

  3. marc mandel

    Hal – I never worked at Sun, but sure as heck worked WITH Sun for many years. One of my most favorite companies and for sure to this day, a technology platform that I have the greatest of respect for. Brands, as you surely know are nothing without products and people. Your reflection here touched upon both. As an outsider, I can only say I agree with all my heart. Sun had some of the world’s best technology and frankly world-class people who brought it to life every day.

    Sun as a company, a brand, and a technology will surely be missed.

    Thank you for making me smile with your own reflections here.

  4. Dave Edstrom


    Great write up and summary of a fantastic 2+ decades you were at Sun. You were a true leader and a great friend and mentor to many folks around the globe at Sun.

    Like you, I have some mixed emotions that Sun is no more, but by far I am just grateful to have been at Sun for 23 years. I think we all share the incredible memories and great friends when we think of Sun. To quote Woody Allen, “it was the most fun I have ever had with my clothes on” :-)

    Hope all is well.


    SUNW emp# 3705

  5. Geoff Arnold
  6. Sandra

    That’s pretty awesome Hal.

  7. Adolfo Hernandez

    Very insightful and personal reflection Hal. Thanks for sharing ! Sorry I missed you a couple of weeks ago

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