The Space Between

I I have a long list of projects and activities to keep me busy in my space between jobs (apologies to Roxy Music for the pun):

I’m speaking at WordCamp Chicago on Sunday June 6 in the 9am hangover slot. Between now and then I’ll be working on my talk titled “Parsing Strange: URL to SQL to HTML” (describing how WordPress turns URLs into database queries and content pages), along with promoting Professional WordPress. I plan on playing with WordPress 3.0 when it’s released in a few weeks, and helping a few friends and family members who have nascent WordPress projects.

I’m going back to yoga and joining a gym. Staying active and keeping some weight off is critical. Unfortunately, I tend to get a lot of ideas on the exercise bike. Notepad and iPod at the ready. I’m also going to re-start my golf lessons, hopefully play a few rounds, and get back on my rollerblades.

I’ve taken my first two drum lessons, but haven’t practiced. I feel like a bad first grader with a dusty piano in the living room. I have a new found appreciation for the hand-eye, hand-hand and hand-foot coordination that goes into drumming now. It’s much harder than playing air drums. Really. Hi-hats off to Scotty Imp of And The Revellers Fell who has the patience to get me working in 4/4 when my body is contorted in a Dave Brubeck-esque 13/8 scratched vinyl groove.

Rainy day project: finishing the scrapbooks that are sitting in boxes, piles and drawers.

I’ve accumulated a pile of half-functional guitar pedals that mock the electrical engineering third of my double degree. They will experience my prowess with a soldering iron, test leads, and function generator; hopefully they don’t feel the EE equivalent of pain. But there’s nothing quite like the joy of fixing something, especially when that something produces loudness.

Curl hope to record some demo tracks in the basement studio, so I concomitantly hope to move up the musical ladder from “pizza guy” and “soundproofing installer” to “recording engineer” and maybe “executive producer”. Which are all nice ways of saying I pay for things, but love every second of it.

I’m mucking around with Drupal and trying to find the balance of static and dynamic content that explains what I’ll be up to work-wise without becoming another, substitute blog. This is my now and future blog.

I’m spending quite a bit of time thinking about “social impact” type projects from Kiva and eBay’s Microplace to ZeroDivide and Cameron Sinclair’s AFH.

I’m going to clean out the basement. Definitely. It’s not just at the end of the list because it’s my last priority. Really.

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